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We spend hours doing independant research to make sure all of our products are completely authentic. If you have any information you think we would be interested in, please contact us on: info@atsfanyuniform.co.uk


We are able to make (to order), any of the following hats:


Auxiliary Territorial Service ATs

First Aid Nursing Yeomanry FANY

Mechanised Transport Corps MTC

Womens Legion

Princess Mary's Royal Air force Nursing Service

Womens Auxiliary Air Force WAAF

Womens Royal Naval Service WRNS (OR's Cap only)

Red Cross

ATS & FANY KD Hats (Tropical)

Soldier Sailor & Air Force assoc SSAFA


These are just a few of the hats that we make.

Uniforms are made (to order) for any of the hats that we make.

Whil'st some are harder to supply than others, with regard to badges and buttons we do our best to help. We are only an email away... info@atsfanyuniforms.co.uk




Full ATS Uniform


Officers Uniform of the Auxiliary Territorial Service (ATS).  All members of the ATS were allowed to wear the insignia of the Regular unit to which they were attached. More often ATS were members of a Royal Artillery Anti Aircraft unit (Ack Ack). In this instant the RA collar badge would be worn above the left breast pocket and on each shoulder the formation insignia of a bow and arrow aimed skyward. On the left shoulder they were permitted to wear the RA white lanyard.  We can within reason badge as you wish. The correct skirt would have been a six panelled pattern, this helped save material by fitting easier to the cloth. Also to save on materials for the War effort, brass buttons were changed to Bakerlite (to save the brass for munitions). The two photographs depict the uniforms that we produce. The jacket will come with the correct belt with brass buckle. It has been pointed out to us that members would rapidly seek out brass buttons and replace the bakerlite ones. Also Officers prefered to wear the Sam Brown belt.


ATS Officers/WAAF Hat


This is an ATS & F.A.N.Y second series hat. We can also make a similar version in WRAF blue barathea, there are however small differences. 


Thank You!


A thank you to Sharon Callaghan having purchased one of our WAAF hats for a visit to Goodwood over the weekend of 20th-21st Sept 08.

Sharon wrote:

  "Thanks so much for all the time and trouble you went to make the hat in time for Goodwood Revival meeting yesterday.

80% of the vistors dressed in 'period' costume ranging from 1944 to 1968 when the race track closed and we had a splendid day picknicking and watching the vintage cars racing and the air displays."




Sharon Callaghan




This is Betty Dryden ready for the 2009 re-enactment season. Betty and husband Alan, are members of the South West Battle Group. The RAF Battle Dress uniform was a men's item which we have re-tailered for her to a WAAF BD. In particular you can see that the unflattering mens fly etc, has been altered to ladies side opening.



The People Behind The Name 



Sculthorp - Wright


The historian, and dressmaker behind atsfanyuniforms. He personally researches all of our uniforms for historical accuracy, before they are put into production. He also hand-makes all of the uniforms, and hats that we sell







Sculthorp - Wright


Webmaster, and administrations manager. He designs all of our web-pages, and makes sure that YOU! are kept up-to-date with all of the latest information, and products.



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