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Our ATS hats are now used by film makers and our WAAF hats have recently been purchased by the Imperial War Museum


How did all this start I ask myself, sitting in the dinning room of our farm house cottage in West Cornwall? Both the dinning room and the bedroom floors are covered in material cuttings and bits of cotton. The chairs hidden under uniforms. My wife Debbie shaking her head at the mess.

I became interested in the Royal British Legion after being given a disabled electric scooter to get around, by The Poppy Appeal. I rapidly became the local Branch Chairman and Poppy Appeal Organiser.

In November 2007 my wife borrowed an ATS uniform to make our collecting event more promanent. This year, 2008 the thoughts turned to her own uniform and the search began. We hoped it would be easily obtainable information. How wrong we were. No sooner had we taken advice we were informed in no uncertain terms that we were wrong. Particularly when we put some of our made up ATS uniforms on Ebay. Advice on our mistakes poured in by the bushel. However we still thought that there was mileage in trying to offer authentic ATS Uniforms to Ebay buyers. A lot of advice came in and we had the task of trying to sift the wheat from the chaff.

One thing lead to another and up popped F.A.N.Y. First Aid Nursing Yeomanry. I was aware of the TV portrayal of FANY Drivers, having avidly watched Foyle's War. Well it was the same uniform but the badges, buttons etc were harder to find than the ATS. It wasn't long before I learnt' that F.A.N.Y. was used by Winston Churchill as a cover for the S.O.E. Special Operations Executive. Our agents dropped behind enemy lines.

Being in my 60's, I grew up with WW2 still in the fore front. Rationing was still in and our play grounds in Hackney, London were the bomb sites. Films at the time were "The Dam Busters", "Reach for the Sky" and "Carve her name with Pride". The later was a film that my Grandmother took me to see. The story of Violet Szabo GC, twice dropped into France. Sadly her second mission left her in the hands of the Gestapo. She suffered horribly and was later executed. That story has stayed with me through the years.

As time goes on I will be pleased to add items from others in the hope that we may be able to give authentic information and ready made uniforms for those who wish to buy from us.



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Sculthorp - Wright


The historian, and dressmaker behind atsfanyuniforms. He personally researches all of our uniforms for historical accuracy, before they are put into production. He also hand-makes all of the uniforms, and hats that we sell







Sculthorp - Wright


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